Benefits of Building a Home Office in Addition to Your Home

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has left many people being forced to work from home. If you already had a home office and you didn’t need space for two, then this likely worked out great. But if you didn’t have a home office or didn’t have adequate space for those in your home who needed it, then working conditions were likely not ideal.

If you’ve never worked from home, you may wonder why building a home office is worth it. This article will lay out the benefits of building a home office in addition to your home.

Better work productivity

If you’ve been working from home recently without a designated office space, it might have been easy to get distracted. If you have your laptop and paper files set up at the kitchen table, then anytime someone wants to grab a snack, they could be breaking your concentration. Having your own home office can eliminate distractions and let you get more work done.


Because your home office is an addition on your home, you can plan out in advance what type of features you want the room to have. You could decide how big the office is, how many windows it could have (if any) and where on your home you’d like it placed. This is a superior workspace solution in contrast to converting a spare bedroom into an office because you have more input and choices before the work begins.

Tax deductions

If you own your own business and work out of your home, your home office addition may be tax deductible. According to the IRS, if your home office is regularly only used for work-related business and it serves as the principal place of your business, then you could write off some of the costs you’ve incurred while adding a home office. You should consult with a tax specialist for specifics.

Add value to your home

For many homeowners, due to the equity they’ve built up over time, their main asset is their home. Even if you don’t plan on moving any time soon, a great ancillary benefit to adding a home office is that it would increase the price of your home. That might matter some day because things can change quickly sometimes, and if you find yourself selling your home, that extra space could be attractive to prospective buyers.

A multipurpose room

Another nice thing about a home office addition is that you can repurpose the extra space any way you like. You could add a treadmill, and it could double as a workout room. Or you could put a pullout couch in your home office and make it a guest bedroom. Adding a television could make it into a den of sorts. By putting a home office addition on your home, the only limits are your imagination.

Call for your home office addition today

Now that you understand some of the benefits of building a home office in addition to your home, it’s easy to see why building a home office is worth it. When searching for a contractor to build your home office addition, give us a call at JB Construction. We have over 30 years of contracting experience, and we’d love nothing more than to make your dream home a reality.

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