How to Set Up the Perfect Home Office Outside on Your Patio This Fall

Working from home can be great. You don’t have to worry about the commute to the office, there’s no need to pack a lunch for the day and there’s no stress about arriving late to work. You don’t even have to put on real pants if you don’t feel like it!

But there are downsides, too. For example, maybe your workspace isn’t the most inspiring space in the home. Are you looking to change up your home office space? Have you considered making your work-from-home office an outdoor space?

There are many things you can do to spruce up an indoor workspace, even if it wasn’t originally designed to be an office. But there’s also the option of taking advantage of working from home and setting up your workspace outside. When the weather’s nice, it can be a real treat to soak up some sunshine in your patio “office.” Here are some tips for how to set up your home office outside.

Stay cool

It you’re working from home outside on the patio, it might be best to set up your workspace to be under a covering of some kind. A pergola is perfect for this, allowing some sunlight to come through but still providing enough shade to keep you from overheating. And make sure to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen if you’re going to be in the sun for long stretches of time.

Another reason to consider finding some shade is to reduce the amount of glare that affects your computer screen. You can try using a screen hood for your laptop, but ultimately, it’s best to find shade for the entire workspace.


The idea of working outside can seem like a romantic notion, but the space you choose also needs to be able to function as a workspace. Make sure you have access to power to keep your computer fully charged, and a good wi-fi signal to stay connected with your clients or your team.

You should also consider how the arrangement works for video calls. Is the backdrop suitable? Is there a lot of distracting noise in the neighborhood? It can be a hassle to go inside every time you need to make a video call, so consider making your outdoor space as functional for your team as it is for yourself.

The little things

Sometimes we don’t realize how important those little aesthetic office touches can be until they’re added back in. This is especially true for long-term work-from-home arrangements. Plants are a great way to liven up a space, and an outdoor office may be even more suitable to different kinds of plants than an office space indoors. Consider adding pops of color as well. Some colorful flowers can accomplish both of these goals at once.

When you’re ready to set up your work-from-home outdoor space, or for more suggestions on how to maximize your patio’s possibilities, contact JB Construction today. Our professionals specialize in building patios, and we’d love to discuss your needs during an initial consultation.

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