How to Maximize the Space in Your Home

Every homeowner in Lancaster, CA will inevitably come across the same problem at some point. Whether you’re welcoming a new member of the family or just have too much stuff, families are always cramped for space. Below are some ways a remodeling company can maximize what you’ve got and even bump up the house’s value when you’re ready to sell.

Give closets a new purpose

Closets can do more than hide clutter. When you’re cramped for space, closets hold valuable square footage that’s easily transformed into rooms of their own. Let’s say you’re an avid sewer who doesn’t have a room in the house to dedicate to your craft. Clear out the clutter and set up your sewing station in the guest bedroom closet. If you recently transitioned into working from home, an extra closet might just be the home office you’re looking for.

In addition to repurposing closets, look for empty space in the house that you can turn into storage. That blank wall next to the front door is a great place to install a row of coat hooks. Declutter the kitchen countertop or free up cabinet space by displaying your collection of coffee mugs on floating shelves. Every Lancaster, CA home is different, so find the extra space that’s hiding in plain sight and work with it.

Brighten up your space

The best way to instantly open up a room is by letting in more natural light. Midcentury homes don’t have the floor-to-ceiling windows you see today and make a room look smaller than it actually is. If you’ve maxed out every square foot of the house, hire a remodeling company to install larger windows. Adding natural light transforms a dark, cramped living space into one that gives you a little more room to breathe, even if it’s just an illusion.

Homeowners who haven’t finished their basements should consider doing so if they’re unsatisfied with the living space on other floors. Many people in Lancaster, CA finish their basements as a last resort because the space has a bad reputation for low ceilings and meager light that filters in through window wells. But with proper lighting, you just might want to stay down there all the time!

Reconfigure the walls

Older homes aren’t just known for their smaller windows. Unlike the open layouts you see today, houses that were built several decades ago divide the kitchen, dining and living spaces into separate rooms. A midcentury house could have the exact same square footage as a contemporary one, yet appear much smaller because the rooms are walled off from each other. A skilled remodeling company can knock down and rebuild walls to create a more open floor plan.

Buying a new home might not be in the cards right now. In the meantime, these tricks will transform cramped corners into an open, airy living space. Check out the remodeling services at JB Construction for custom window replacement and more extreme makeover options like adding entirely new rooms to your existing home. We look forward to working with you!

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