Top Four Bathroom Remodel Trends

Thinking about redesigning your bathroom, but not sure where to start? Whether you’re improving a family bathroom or a private master suite, it’s smart to consult a professional remodeling company in Lancaster, CA 93535 to make sure your new space fits your style and adds value to your home. Here are the top four bathroom remodeling tips from the experts.

Industrial style

The industrial look remains popular, and it’s easy to achieve when you work with a professional bathroom remodeling company in Lancaster, CA 93535. This style looks great in the right setting, featuring neutral tones, wood accents and interesting metal finishes for a contemporary look. Mix an industrial vanity with gold or brass faucets and fixtures. For lighting, choose dark-toned steel or wood fixtures with distressed finishes and exposed bulbs. You’ll create an overall urban vibe that can be a major selling feature if you choose to list your home in the future.

Open showers

One of the biggest trends that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon is transforming the bathroom into an open, airy space. The easiest way to do this is by installing a frameless glass shower. Open showers instantly increase the size of your bathroom, at least visually, and provide a modern, updated look. There’s nothing sleeker than a frameless glass shower, and as an added bonus, they’re easy to keep clean. As you’re working with your preferred remodeling company in Lancaster, CA 93535, be sure to add this feature to your list of must-haves.

Natural materials

Incorporating elements of nature into the design of your bathroom instantly inspires feelings of warmth and calm. Wood in particular adds natural beauty and style when used in a bathroom. Consider installing a solid wood vanity, or bring in elements like wooden shelving, bathmats, shower stools or other eye-catching accents. The best woods to use in bathroom include softwoods like cedar or pine or tropical hardwoods like teak. Get creative and turn your bathroom into a Zen-inspired retreat.

Mood lighting

Set the tone for a pleasant wake-up routine in the morning or a relaxing moment in the evening by including mood lighting in your bathroom remodeling project. LED lighting is the trend right now, and it’s easy—and affordable—to add LED light strips in strategic areas during a bathroom remodel. Add strip lighting behind your vanity mirror, below the vanity counter itself or even embedded into the floor. The LED strips create a soft glow, especially when you attach them all to a dimmer switch.

It’s best to incorporate new lighting into a smart bathroom system that you can control with any wireless device. Include all lighting, a sound system and even special features like smart showers or heated floors into your smart technology strategy to enjoy convenience and comfort at the touch of a button.

Bathroom remodeling projects can transform your everyday life and add value to your home, but only if you do the job right. Always work with a reputable bathroom remodeling company in Lancaster, CA 93535 for quality craftsmanship and expert design tips to make the most of your investment. Contact JB Construction to learn more about designing your dream bathroom!

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