Enhance Resale Value Through Bathroom Remodeling

Generally speaking, the primary purpose of bathroom remodeling should be your enjoyment, not return on investment. However, whatever enhances your comfort is likely to also get the attention of potential buyers. Many homebuying decisions sway on the quality of features like bathroom tile, sinks and lighting in Lancaster, CA. Here are five tips on remodeling your bathroom to improve resale value:

  • Consider accessibility: Many buyers are looking for homes where they can live independently for as long as possible. These aging-in-place improvements are becoming more popular, and even if you are far from needing railings in your shower, that is likely not to be the case with your potential buyer. Bathrooms are the most important spot evaluated for safety and comfort. So, if you can choose tubs that are lower to the ground or add a hand railing, consider doing that.
  • Choose quality fixtures: Bathrooms are used every day, and nothing gets the bulk of the workload like your sink. Choosing a high-quality, well-designed sink will go far in your return on investment. If you can work in a double sink or vanity, especially in a master suite, you will add even more appeal. In fact, many homeowners will not consider a home without a double vanity. Extend that same consideration to other fixtures, too—low-flow toilets save on water, and higher-quality tubs are also more attractive to consumers.
  • Indulge in tile: Tile adds depth, texture and warmth to your bathroom. It is also a unique design element, and your choice of tile and its layout is unlikely to match other homes. Tile is also flexible, as you can use it in showers and baths, floors and counters. You can even use it to create wall decor. However, do not go overboard on paying for bathroom tile in Lancaster, CA. Custom tile will match your specific taste and likely give you more aesthetic pleasures, but will not make up for its price in return on investment.
  • Upgrade lighting: Current options for lighting go way beyond making everything brighter. There are now specific types of lighting that are designed to improve shaving and makeup application. The orange glow of older bulbs will no longer do for the most discerning homeowners. Consider a mix of task and ambient lighting for your bathroom and you will likely make up for the expense with a strong offer on your home.
  • Stay timeless: Styles come and go, and this is certainly true of bathrooms. It is understandable to get excited about a new trend, but you should only indulge fully if you are planning the remodel for yourself more than for potential buyers. If you want to remodel your bathroom for ROI reasons, stay timeless. There are some designs that never cease being popular, and those will increase your home value.

JB Construction offers 30-plus years of experience with bathroom remodeling. If you are looking at upgrading bathroom tile, lighting and sinks in Lancaster, CA, we are here to help. Call us today to arrange for an estimate.

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