Six Elements to Consider When You Build an Addition

An addition is likely one of the most dramatic home remodeling projects. Homeowners who love their neighborhood and current home often find they require additional space for bedrooms, home offices or other uses. An addition can meet all of these needs. However, you need to proceed carefully and know what to expect. Here are six elements to follow as you consider an addition or major home remodel in Lancaster, CA:

  • Check zoning requirements: Before you start your remodel, you need to know if it is allowed. Local zoning requirements and ordinances may restrict how much of a footprint your home can occupy in your yard and whether any additional plumbing and electrical connections are possible. Even if you have a great vision, the law may not be on your side.
  • Have a vision: Space for the sake of space is not enough. You need plans for this additional space so it is laid out properly and attached to the right utilities. A home office requires access to electricity and high-speed internet. Bedrooms need enough electrical outlets, and a new guest suite requires bathroom connections as well. Know the purpose of your addition so you understand what it needs and how to plan the layout.
  • Set your budget: It is easy to get carried away in the remodeling process and blow through your budget. Plan how much you will spend in the beginning and stick to it. Leave some reasonable leeway in case the work requires more attention than initially thought, but do not stray from your original plans unless you intend to increase your budget with your new wants and desires.
  • Know it is not just the room: A home office or new guest suite addition is not limited to the room itself. Exterior details also matter, like additional gutters, roof square footage and windows. Unless you tend to cut off this addition from the rest of the world, there will be additional expenses you’ll need to consider. Besides the home elements, you also need to consider landscaping. If your addition runs right into your vegetable garden, you will need to move plants and make other arrangements for gardening this year.
  • Do not underestimate good design: An addition changes the flow and feel of your home. Good design will make this less jolting, and when the addition is completed, it will look like a natural part of your home. Hasty design disrupts flow and makes your home look unbalanced, both inside and out. Make an extra effort to ensure the addition matches the rest of your home in terms of design flow, materials and trim.
  • Prepare for chaos: Life will certainly not proceed as normal during remodeling, and it will take a little time after completion for you to return to your routines. Except chaos and disruption. It will not be unmanageable, but you will have to plan around it.

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