Important Things to Consider When Adding a Room to Your Home

The coronavirus pandemic has created a lot of upheaval in many American households. Many of us are finding that our homes just weren’t made to be classrooms, offices and living spaces all in one, and a lot of us are feeling the crunch. Adding new space to your house can seem like an enticing option right now, and there are many local remodeling contractors in Lancaster, CA who can perform the work for you.

However, before beginning a project like this, you want to have a good understanding of how to establish your own expectations and goals for this extended space. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Make a plan

When it comes to home additions, making a plan means figuring out exactly what you want the new room to be used for. This should be a collaborative discussion with your family—figure out with everyone where they think the current house comes up short. Do your children need a room to lift weights in? Do you and your spouse need room to function as your workspace? How many of these needs will the new space be able to fulfill?

Knowing what the new room will be used for helps you guide future decisions like square footage, lighting, electrical requirements and more. If you can articulate these requirements, local remodeling contractors in Lancaster, CA will have a much easier time building a space that meets your expectations.

Set a budget

The budget is one of the sticking points of any major project like this. You might find that things cost more than you expected, or you might arrive at the opposite conclusion. No matter what you discover about how far your money can go, you can rest assured it will likely affect your plans. You might need to consider using cheaper materials or creating a smaller space, or you might find you have some extra cash to put in hardwood floors. Regardless of the outcome, you should have a hard number in mind that you can’t exceed—you can ensure this figure is arrived at in an informed way by getting rough estimates from local remodeling contractors in Lancaster, CA.

Remodel for need, not money

A lot of people put on an addition or undergo a remodel while thinking about their home’s “curb appeal” and eventual resale value. While these are legitimate things to keep in mind, they can really limit your options. The real estate market is always changing, and trying to chase it by tailoring your remodel to suit current trends can end up cheapening the whole project. You’re much better off going for what you want and need right now, and letting the chips fall where they may when it eventually comes time to sell the house.

Deciding to go for a home remodel is a big decision, but an important one. You are essentially getting a blank slate, and it can be an exciting time for your entire family. You need to partner with a team that knows how to get the job done right. Call JB Construction today—we’d love to put our 35-plus years of experience in Lancaster, CA to work for you!

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